We strictly follow the support rules defined by Envato here.

Included in Product Support

  • Presale & Suggestions
    Please use the item comments sections to ask questions about a product or suggest new features
  • Stay Up to Date
    We provide updates to fix bugs, add new features and ensure compatibility with new wordpress versions
  • Solving Product Issues
    Please use our dedicated support channels for problems with a specific feature of an item or reporting a bug
  • NOT Included in Product Support

    • Custom Work
      We don't do customizations beyond the capabilities of an item
      Find custom help
    • Installation
      We can not assist with installing a product for you. (All of our items include installation instructions in the documentation)
      Find installation help
    • 3rd-Party Related Issues
      We don't offer help with fixing bugs caused by third party plugins or themes that don't stick to WordPress standards

Refund Policy

1. You can request refund not later than 6 months since the initial purchase was made. After that period refunds will not be given. Please note that any bonuses offered with plugin are not an issue for a refund.

2. If you made a mistaken purchase you can request refund not later than 7 days since purchase date and only if product was not downloaded.

3. We DO NOT honor requests for the refund on the following reasons:

  • You don’t want product after it has been downloaded;
  • Product did not meet your expectations;
  • You have changed your mind;
  • You have purchased product by mistake;
  • You don’t have sufficient expertise to use the product;
  • Asking for refund because of a goodwill;
  • You can’t access item because it has been removed (we advise always to download products as soon as you buy to avoid this situation);
  • You request refund because “The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described” but refuse to provide details or example of the problem. In this situation we will treat that plugin works properly on your site and there is no reason for refund

Product has extensive demo and detailed description including test sandbox where you can try every function. Also we are opened for pre-sale questions and answer them.

4. We provide refund in cases that the application don’t work as it is declared at the description of the product and the support help can’t resolve that issue in a reasonable time.

5. Refund request will NOT be approved if the client refuses to assist the support process once such was raised for technical problem.
In most of the complicated issues to resolve them we need live pages or temporary WordPress access. We guarantee confidentiality and full protection of provided credentials and of content that we have access to. All the credentials are stored till the issue of the customer is resolved. After that period we don’t keep that kind of data.

So if the customer refuses to provide live page or temporary WordPress access with the access level it is needed the issue to be analyzed and fixed and that is the reason the problem to be unsolved, refund request will NOT be approved as we will consider this as refuse of assist in support process.

6. Refund will NOT be approved also in case that there are issues at the product work related with not following the WordPress standards of coding of WordPress theme or another plugin used on site.

7. Refund will NOT be approved based on visual problem caused by theme or another plugin enforcing styles over global elements and this cannot be fixed with tiny code change from our side.

8. Immediate after purchase Refund request will NOT be approved when they are reported as “The item is broken, malfunctioning or not as described” when customer did not contact support team or did not provide detailed explanation of problem (for such requests we will treat all that are send within the first 24 hours of purchase).

9. Refunds requests may be submitted only on Envato Marketplace where the purchase have been done and by the customer only. Support team has no eligible rights to proceed this action and can not be done out of Envato marketplace interface. Tickets opened for this purpose may be automatically closed by the system.

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